Join us and together we will make history!

In North Carolina women make up more than 54% of registered voters yet hold less than 25% of elected and appointed offices.   Democratic Women of Wake County is working to change this through voter education, direct support of candidates and fundraising.

Together we encourage women to seek public office.   Together we make a difference.

 From our President:

CIndy SInkez, DWWC PresidentWelcome to Democratic Women of Wake County!

As a woman in NC I know firsthand the opportunities and the challenges that we face.  From our daughters still not receiving the educational opportunities they deserve to our mothers struggling to receive respectful medical care as they age.  We have many issues that need our help.
I’ve worked with the DWWC for many years and have seen firsthand the power of women as we rise together. The intelligence and strength of our organization is strong and will be stronger with you.
I welcome you to join us for our meetings and in our organization, together, we will continue to improve the power of women through our party and the legislators we elect.
Make sure to say hello at the next meeting!
Cindy Sinkez
DWWC PresidentSave