We’re Moving

We’re Moving

DWWC is moving

There are many opportunities to better connect with the community and with each other on Facebook. We determined that the best way to utilize the great tools available was to make some changes.

We started a public Facebook page which we invite everyone to Like and Follow. This is where we will share the information you need about events and happenings in DWWC and the Democratic Party. With it being a public page, you will be able to more easily share that information! Check out our new pubic page here.

We have a new private Facebook group for DWWC members only. If you are a current 2020 member of DWWC you are invited to join the group. If you have not yet renewed for 2020 or joined, we encourage you to do so now so that you don’t miss out on the lively discussions taking place there! You can find the group here, but please remember only current DWWC members will be able to gain access!

Our old private Facebook group will be archived on June 30, 2020. While members and administrators will still be able to access it for information and historical content, nothing new can be added, and it will be un-findable to all others. A virtual scrapbook will be created with the pictures and shared on our website. Please make the move today to our new public page and to our members only group!

See you on Facebook,Vicky DeGroote, Publicity Chair, DWWC

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