We will not yield!

We will not yield!

DWWC, let’s join the Emergency Movement to demand a recall of the “crooked” Republican vote called by Speaker Tim Moore on 9/11 that overturned Governor Cooper’s Budget Veto. Let’s support Representative Deb Butler and all our Democratic Representatives who stood for us and our vote. We will not yield buttons, stickers and T-shirts (like the one in the image) are available from the NC Dem online store.

Our voice must be heard not denied due to the Republican party’s total disrespect of  9/11 and disloyalty to the memory of thousands who died on 9/11.  Way beyond crooked. Our Democracy was stolen from us on a 9/11.

Let’s write and make calls demanding that vote be recalled. The NCAE Action Network has made it easy to write a protest letter to Speaker Moore.

Speaker Moore’s Contact Information

Thank you and look forward to seeing you September 26th at our Dinner meeting-Raleigh/Cary Candidate Forum

Thank you,
Henrietta Coursey, DWWC President