NC State Senate

Dan Blue
NC Senate District 14

Daniel Blue, Jr. is a Democratic member of the North Carolina Senate, representing the state's 14th Senate district since his appointment in 2009. He previously served in the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1981 through 2002 and from 2006 through his 2009 Senate appointment.

Jay Chaudhuri
NC Senate District 15

Democrat Jay Chaudhuri is a progressive problem solver who has served as senior attorney to Attorney General Roy Cooper and State Treasurer Janet Cowell. Jay is running for State Senate to make education a priority again, including fighting for better teacher pay. He will be a voice for progressive values by standing up against the Tea Party and right-wing Republicans. Jay will lead the fight to protect a woman's right to choose, push for stronger gun control laws, and always stand up for North Carolina children and families.

Wiley Nickel
NC Senate District 16

Wiley is a Progressive Democrat and believes it’s time to focus on strengthening our public schools, creating high paying jobs, expanding access to affordable healthcare and protecting our environment. Wiley will lead the fight to protect a woman’s right to choose, push for stronger gun control laws and implement independent redistricting reform that takes the power to draw new legislative districts out of the hands of politicians.

Sam Searcy
NC Senate District 17

Sam is ready to change things for North Carolina’s working families. He wants to create jobs, fix the parts of our health care system that aren’t working, and make sure children can grow up in financially stable households where they feel emboldened to chase their dreams.

Mack Paul
NC Senate District 18

I’m running for the NC Senate to fight for young families, for working families, and for people who find it harder and harder to make ends meet. I believe their success is the promise of a North Carolina that’s better for all.

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NC State House

Allison Dahle
NC House District 11

Allison knows that for North Carolina to grow and prosper, we need new leadership in the State House. Having seen firsthand the struggles many face in gaining employment, and how the protections taken from workers effect us all, she will be a leader focused on the needs of everyone in our community. Allison will protect our economy and increase access to jobs for our communities.

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Rosa Gill
NC House District 33

Representative Gill is a member of Democratic leadership team serving as Democratic Minority Whip and chair of the Democratic House Education Workgroup. She is actively involved in numerous civic, social, community and political organizations within her community. She is the former NC State Director of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated.

Representative Rosa Gill will continue to fight for legislation that will invest in our public education systems, strengthen our economy by creating high paying jobs and providing training for the newly created jobs, investing in small business, protecting our environment and fighting injustices.

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Grier Martin
NC House District 34

As an Afghanistan veteran, Martin leads the way to improve life for veterans and their families. He started the bipartisan Military Veterans Caucus, and fights to help veterans get access to health care, especially for traumatic brain injuries (TBI), help veterans avoid foreclosure, and provide more educational opportunities. For his work the Disabled American Veterans named him their “Legislator of the Year.”

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Terence Everitt
NC House District 35

Terence is a father, husband, and small business owner. He has his own law practice in Wake Forest where he works on behalf of other small businesses, representing them in legal matters and assisting in the creation and development of new businesses. Terence is committed to local growth and serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a dad, husband, lifelong democrat, small business owner, strongest avenger, attorney, He is the Democratic Candidate for NC House District 35.

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Julie von Haefen
NC House District 36

As a parent, advocate and community leader, I am running for NC House 36. Follow our campaign as we fight for our public schools, students and teachers.

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Sydney Batch
NC House District 37

As a family law attorney and child welfare advocate, she fights every day for families across Wake County who are worried about their future. Whether stressed about sending their kids to a good public school, paying back their student loans, or affording quality health care and finding a good, well-paying job, too many people feel the deck is stacked against them.

Despite these struggles, Sydney has observed that many common values bind us. People want affordable, accessible health care, quality and affordable education, safe air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a fair paycheck. Most of all, they want their children to live a more prosperous life than they have.

Sydney decided to run because she wants to make a difference for those people who feel stressed, and to work with them through our common shared values to make a better Wake County. There’s no doubt that the challenges facing us are great. However, so is our will. She humbly asks for your support.

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Yvonne Lewis Holley
NC House District 38

When you grow up being able to point to the front door of the first African-American Mayor of the City of Raleigh’s home from your front porch and your father’s editorials contributed to the positive dialogue between polarized sectors during an epic time in the nation’s history, there is no way that you can elude the call to service on behalf of your community. These were the early beginnings of Yvonne Lewis Holley, Representative of the 38th District of the North Carolina State House.

Coupled with more than three decades in government, her aggregate experience has placed Yvonne in a unique position of leadership to address our community’s collective concerns. This has impacted her belief in the power of people to speak the truth, fight for what is right and work to affect the issues that impact them — namely, jobs, education and a robust business environment. Yvonne believes that ‘healthy dialogue’ is a lost art in today’s political climate and she hopes to bring that back to the State House.


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Darren Jackson
NC House District 39

Darren is a lifelong resident of eastern Wake County, father of three, small-town attorney, and small businessman.  He and his wife Tina, a nurse practitioner with Cary Cardiology, live near the Shotwell community outside of Knightdale.  Public schools played a critical role in Darren’s life.  He attended public elementary and middle schools in eastern Wake, East Wake High School, and UNC-Chapel Hill where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science (Class of 1993).  Darren then earned his law degree from Duke University and passed the Bar in 1996.

Considering his deep eastern Wake roots, it’s no surprise that Darren has always been very active in the community.  He has served as a mentor in the Communities in Schools program at East Wake Middle., Vice President of the East Wake Education Foundation, and as Democratic Chair of his home precinct.  In addition, prior to his election, Darren coached over 30 youth sports teams.  His family are members of Knightdale United Methodist Church.

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Joe John
NC House District 40

Regarding Judge John’s candidacy for NC House District 40 Representative, State House leader Larry Hall has said, “Judge Joe John has a proven record of common sense leadership. His experience as both a judge and as Director of the SBI crime lab will bring a much needed perspective to the General Assembly. We look forward to working with him during the campaign and as a fellow legislator.”

In offering proven common sense leadership, Joe John respectfully asks for your support, your vote, and the opportunity to serve you and your family.  His promise is that, “as I did for nearly 25 years as a North Carolina Judge, I will carefully consider all sides of every issue, diligently review the pros and cons, and make the best decision I can under the law and in the best interests of the taxpaying citizens of our state.  I thank you for your support and vote.”

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Gale Adcock
NC House District 41

I believe in the greatness, resourcefulness and resiliency of this state and its people. I  first ran in 2014 pledging to spurn partisanship and put my energies into fighting the right battles: for vibrant public schools, a healthy environment and a robust economy. In my first two terms I have been an effective legislator who has lived up to this ideal. I want to continue to represent District 41 and carry on a legacy of strong leaders who make today’s decisions with an eye toward tomorrow. I appreciate your support and I look forward to the privilege of continuing to represent you.

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Cynthia Ball
NC House District 49

Elected to NC House District 49 to focus on finding common ground and building a brighter future for ALL North Carolinians.!

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