Raleigh Women’s March 2020

Thanks to the DWWC members for participating in the 2020 Women’s March on Raleigh. Click the image to see some of our participants.

Women Mobilize NC #WomensMarchOnRaleigh

The 2020 Raleigh Women’s March is Sunday, January 26 at Halifax Mall. Gather at 12:30 PM. The march will step off at 1:00 with a rally scheduled for 1:30 – 3:00. The ad hoc volunteer group Women Mobilize NC, formed from the organizers of the 2017 March, is organizing and planning the march. Information about participating in the March and other related events is posted on their website.

DWWC is a Community Partner for this event. Please join us on January 26. Follow the event planning, volunteer, and March. Information is posted on Facebook, Raleigh Women’s March website, and available by email.

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