DWWC is an auxiliary group of the Wake County Democratic Party.  Here are some of the activities and projects of the Democratic Women of Wake County:

  • We support and promote the principles of the Democratic Party.
  • We encourage women to seek public office and to participate in Democratic Party activities.
  • We work with the Wake County Democratic party to strengthen the Democratic party in North Carolina.
  • We initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Democratic Party.
  • We promote the election of Democrats in Wake County and North Carolina
  • We directly support Democratic candidates every election cycle by donating thousands of dollars to local candidates.
  • We host numerous events introducing candidates and their platforms.
  • We do fundraising – our annual Unity Breakfast is our largest fundraiser.
  • We promote voter Education – through numerous avenues including Power of the Pen.

Fundraising, voter education and direct support of candidates are good reasons to join the club – but just as important to members are the fellowship and mutual support of women who take active roles in the political life and governance of North Carolina.