It’s TIME!!!!!

It’s TIME!!!!!

A 2020 Voter Poll has been added to the side navigation bar under Events. The poll was suggested by DWWC Board member and database manager, Angela Coggins. We hope you will participate weekly in the poll to show DWWC GOTV activity.

In the poll, there is an option to request help with voting. If this option is selected, enter your email address and a member of DWWC will contact you.

For questions about the voting options this year, the Voter Information page includes resources from the Wake County Board of Elections and several other non-partisan groups.

For partisan candidate information, check the Wake County Democratic Party’s Our Candidates section. A picture, a short bio, and brief candidate information is provided with a link to the candidate”s official website

As we move into the final days of this campaign, we encourage all DWWC members to DO SOMETHING! Opportunities abound! Check out our Get Involved page and our Facebook Members Only Group.

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