The Nominating Committee of DWWC will soon compile a slate of officers for 2019 – 2021 Board of Directors. The slate will include names of nominees for the elected officers of the organization. The Nominating Committee is currently seeking nominations for this board.

Very brief/condensed descriptions of officer responsibilities – comprehensive descriptions are in the DWWC bylaws, and are available upon request

  • President: presides over all meetings; is the only authorized spokesperson for DWWC; appoints committee chairs; may not publicly endorse or support candidate in contested election involving more than one Democrat.
  • First Vice President: substitutes for the President as needed; serves as chairperson of Membership Committee.
  • Second Vice President: substitutes for President and First VP, as needed; serves as chairperson of the program committee.
  • Third Vice President: substitutes for. President/First VP/Second VP, as needed; is responsible for coordinating arrangements and reservations for meetings.
  • Recording Secretary: records minutes of meetings.
  • Assistant Recording Secretary: substitutes for Secretary.
  • Treasurer: is responsible for all receipts and disbursements of funds; makes full written financial report to Board; files reports with NC State Board of Elections; must be bonded; prepare budget; take NC Board of Elections Treasurer training.
  • Assistant Treasurer: helps, assists, substitutes for the Treasurer.

The duties of all these officers are listed in the DWWC Club Official By-Laws. Election of these officers will take place at the April meeting, with induction of new officers taking place at the May meeting. *Please see bottom of this page for areas of the DWWC bylaws pertaining to the nominating process and the election of officers.*

The Nominating Committee welcomes suggested names from the members for these offices. With your suggestions, please include some reasons why your candidate would be a good officer. The Nominating Committee requests all suggestions be made by Thursday, January 31st.

Eligibility for nomination

  • No officer shall serve consecutive terms in the same office.
  • All officers shall be members in good standing.

You may send your suggestions for these DWWC Board positions to any of these nominating committee members:

Ethel Hasty

Lynn Edmonds

Shirley Sulick

Christina Terrell

*Excerpt from DWWC bylaws pertaining to election of officers:*

Article VII. Nominations

Section 1. Nominations shall be presented in odd-numbered years by the Nominating Committee to the membership in the February newsletter. The March newsletter shall contain the amended nomination slate.

Section 2. Officers appointed to complete any vacancy occurring between elections shall be eligible for a full term of office in the next election.

Section 3. Nominations may be made from the floor at the February meeting, provided nominees consent to have their names placed in nomination.

Article VIII. Election of Officers

Section 1. Elections shall be held in odd-numbered years at the March general meeting and newly elected officers shall be installed at the May general meeting.

Section 2. Officers shall assume their offices immediately upon installation.

Section 3. No Officer or Nominating Committee member shall serve consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 4. Quorum: Fifty (50) members present and voting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5. Elections shall be by voice vote for unopposed candidates and by written ballot for officers with opposition.

Section 6. Any nominee receiving a majority of all valid votes cast shall be elected.

Section 7. Proxy voting is not allowed.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the Democratic Party and our organization. Your input is valued.


Christina Terrell

Chair, DWWC Nominating Committee