April is National Month of Hope

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the Globe, it seems ironic that April is declared the National Month of Hope. During the closing of March, North Carolinians witnessed the initial stages of this pandemic as the number of infections rose and stay at home orders began. Jobs were lost, missions and services of community organizations and places of worship were limited, and the stock market suffered the greatest losses since the 1920’s. So where is hope?

Hope is found as communities explore new ways to collaborate and serve. Hope is found in volunteers that sew masks for medical personnel, in business owners who continue to pay employees although their businesses have been shuttered, and in people who reach out to help others in need.

Take care of yourself, your families and check on your neighbors. The more we follow the directives, the quicker the virus is contained. Together, we are stronger and together we shall overcome this crisis.

Peace, joy and HOPE,
Henrietta Coursey, President DWWC
Ouida Watson, Webmaster

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