Join us and together we will make history!

In North Carolina women make up more than 54% of registered voters yet hold less than 25% of elected and appointed offices.   Democratic Women of Wake County is working to change this through voter education, direct support of candidates and fundraising.

Together we encourage women to seek public office.   Together we make a difference.

In the News:
The #metoo hashtag revealed just how many women have faced sexual harassment and impropriety in our nation.  Like so many others, I too was harassed at work by both fellow employees and clients. I came up in a time that I didn’t talk about it. We were taught not to because it would not  change nothing but today women are standing up and saying no more.  Today’s women are more empowered. That is a positive thing.
We have a long way to go but with each story, we see  the change that we will no longer accept this behavior.  While we must try to have patience in this journey, remembering it took a while for us to get here and it will take a while for a balance to be found, but with the power of women, change is happening.
Cindy Sinkez
DWWC President